3 Conferences in One Online SUPER CONFERENCE

beginning 10 October 2020

Each conference is less than the cost of one funeral ceremony booking for a celebrant.

That’s 3 weekend conferences with 12 webinars, Q&As and networking, plus an extended programme of discussion groups, book clubs, recordings for catch-up and an online Facebook community for support and sharing from October 2020 to May 2021.

“Well worth the 2 days”,

“Fantastic. I feel inspired”

5 stars

100% of last year’s feedback said celebrants recommend Ceremony Matters workshops to their colleagues!


What's included in the SUPER CONFERENCE?

12 Deep dive webinars over 3 conferences with Emma and presenters

Guest presenters with lived experience and understanding of the funeral industry

Live Zoom discussions and Q+A sessions for your questions

Book clubs with a chosen book for each conference and extra suggestions for avid readers

Recordings to catch up with any webinars that you missed

Supplimental materials

Online Facebook Community

How long is this programme?

The conferences together with the follow-up programmes spread from October 2020 to May 2021.

The conferences take place on 3 weekends, with webinars for 4 hours on Saturday and 4 hours on Sunday – afternoon and early evening with a good break in the middle for a walk or dinner or whatever you need to do, plus networking if you wish.

The follow-up discussions and book clubs will take place over a month following each conference.

If you can’t make any of the webinars or book clubs live there will be recordings for catch-up. If you want you can do all the webinars and book clubs at your leisure, but you might find that you are not up to speed in the online community. Up to you.

Is there support available?

You will be supported by the discussions and online community. The online Facebook community is there to support you, and Emma will be popping in there every day to make sure that everyone has what they need to feel supported with this programme. You can post questions, concerns, ideas and discoveries in the group. 

Emma is also available for individual supervision and support but that does not come as part of this programme. 

Can I join if the programme has already started?

You can join the SUPER CONFERENCE at any time before 25 April 2021 and catchup through recorded materials. All webinars and book clubs will be available for review. 

If I join just the first conference for now can I have the early bird price for the SUPER CONFERENCE later?

You are, of course, welcome to join just one conference at a time. Unfortunately once the early bird on the SUPER CONFERENCE is gone if you decide to take the rest of the Super Conference later you would need to pay the current Super Conference price at the time you decide to continue. 

What's your refund policy?

As with most educational organisations, we are not able to offer refunds for online workshops, classes and courses. 

If you unsure whether this programme is right for you and would like to talk through your decision to enroll, please feel free to request a discovery call by emailing conference@ceremonymatters.org

How will the networking work?

We will run our networking sessions on Zoom.

You can get a cuppa or a snack, or eat your dinner if you wish and get to know your colleagues.

There will be a facilitator who can manage break out rooms so that you can chat in smaller groups if they are appropriate for the gathering.

It’s basically a coffee break or after session chat online, and a great way to get to know people.

I'm worried I'll say the wrong thing and be embarrassed...

We may all mis-step at some point. In the SUPER CONFERENCE we get to have real discussions in a learning environment where we can ask questions, be up front about any awkwardness or confusion, and where we can practice making amends amongst friends. These are challenging topics. There is no perfection here, only learning and understanding, so that we are prepared to meet our clients and families with openness, kindness and self-awareness, working to offer inclusive and equitable services. Growth always comes with a little discomfort. Without taking the step to learn and develop, you’ll stay in your comfort zone, but restrict the growth of your business. 

“You delivered the right amount of helpful information whilst still allowing it to be a discussion between us with plenty of time to take on board our thoughts too. Rather than it being lectures it was lovely that it included so much ‘audience participation’ in a very relaxed informative manner. So thank you once again for what I felt was a very enjoyable conference. Looking forward to the next one.”

Marion Lambshead

Independent Funeral Celebrant

“Emma is leading the rebellion against the generic template celebrant. She begins each ceremony with a blank piece of paper. She actually listens to families, facilitates difficult conversations and puts together ceremonies that do what they need to do. She also does the difficult thing that most celebrants avoid – goes the emotional distance with the bereaved and doesn’t just give them what they think they need (ie just going with a celebration of life for a young person who died by suicide but actually making the bereaved think about what it is they need from the funeral).

She has played a huge role in developing the philosophy and approach behind Poetic Endings, where ceremony is front and foremost of the work we do as funeral directors.

Emma also held space for me, whilst I learnt to hold space for others.

When I imagine the celebrancy profession of the future, I’d like to think that Emma has been able to contribute to it with her dedication to improving standards, offering proper training and providing actual emotional support to the people who are doing this work.

Poetic Endings wouldn’t be what it is without Emma Curtis. “

Louise Winter

Funeral Director, Poetic Endings

Emma delivered with sensitivity, passion and fun, keeping everyone fully engaged from start to finish.
The practical exercises that she gave the celebrants to do were stimulating, thought provoking and challenged them to think outside of the box and stretched their creative writing skills to new levels, with those present even saying that they produced levels of writing which they didn’t know they could deliver.

Terri Shanks

Founder and CEO, Fellowship of Professional Celebrants

“Thank you Emma Curtis for your wonderful and inspiring creative writing session at the Conference. It encouraged me to try a new opening today, slightly out of my comfort/safe zone and ‘stretch myself’. At the funeral today it worked so well… The widow said that service was ‘brilliant’ and it was as if her husband was actually there.”

Bev Symonds

Fellowship of Professional Celebrants, Beverley Symonds, Independent Funeral Celebrant

“Overall it gave me confidence in what I am doing already which was needed. it also gave me inspiration and ideas for some new approaches. Plus the rare opportunity to talk with other celebrants – bringing us together for collaboration rather than competition.”

Becky Lee-Wale

Daisy Chain Celebrant

“I very much hope that you will join me and an inspiring group of colleagues who see this SUPER CONFERENCE as an invaluable investment in their skills, their personal growth and their business development. 

See you in October!” 
Emma Curtis, Ceremony Matters