Voice and Presentation Trainings

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Gather a few colleagues (4 – 8 people) and we’ll book a time to suit you all, working over Zoom

From £50 per person

Our unique one day voice and presentation training for celebrants enhances the service you offer by:

  • Building your confidence in the use of your voice professionally
  • Improving the quality and modulation of your spoken voice
  • Understanding how to utilise your neurological development to reduce stress in presentation
  • Offering you techniques to make your voice more powerful
  • Showing you how to use your breath to manage performance anxiety
  • Experiencing how to refine your body language to engage and communicate effectively
  • Having the opportunity to present to an audience and receive helpful and supportive feedback.

A fun and empowering 3-hour online workshop to really explore the power of your voice, with warmups and technical help, plus the opportunity to present and work on a presentation piece, speech or song, with an empathetic audience. You will take away an effective program of exercises especially created for celebrants to maintain your vocal development

Discover how to realise the full potential of your voice

As an educated, purposeful and capable professional, you have a sense of your tremendous potential, yet you would like to feel more confident.
You’ve been developing yourself and your business for years: reading, studying, and doing the work.
Outwardly, you are doing great, and you’re getting booked, and feedback is good,
But you are feeling uncertain about how your voice sounds, how you come across to others, or you’re just really anxious when presenting.

Explore, experiment, empower

In this fabulous one day workshop you will have the opportunity to explore your voice and discover that it can do far more that you realise. You voice has more strength and more range than you knew. Through experiments and exercises we will show you how to get the most out of your voice, and give you tips and tricks that work well with the voice that you have and the way that nature made you. We are all different, it’s not about being born with perfect vocal cords, it’s about knowing how to make the most out of the body, voice and mind that is yours.

Plus practise presenting and personal coaching

We have only ten spots available for this workshop. This is so that you get the opportunity to present to everyone else. You can choose whatever you wish to work on, whether it’s reading a poem unseen, practicing a welcome, singing a hymn or other song, maybe leading a song, or perhaps speaking unscripted. Whatever it is, you can try it and we will be here to answer your questions and give feedback in a supportive setting. This is a perfect space to work on your voice and overcome nerves.

Or learn what you need now without taking the spotlight

For those who don’t yet feel ready to present to the Masterclass group, there is so much to learn from watching others present and receive feedback. It gives the chance to reflect on personal challenges, and to reflect on style. You can take away all of the experience and learning of the day, and come back and repeat the masterclass as soon as you feel ready to put yourself in the spotlight.

Tutor profile

Emma is an experienced celebrant, presenter and teacher. She has been on stage for more than 30 years as an international opera soloist and actress, and has throughout her career taught one-2-one and presented workshops for adults and children.She is also a Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist specialising in performance enhancement, stress management and resilience building. Having been ordained as a Minister in 2013 she has been the CPD trainer for funerals for the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants and is the winner of the National Celebrant Award for Influencing the Wider Profession of Funeral Celebrancy. She was also awarded runner up for Minister of the Year at the Good Funeral Awards 2017, the first non-religious Minister to be recognised in this category. Emma knows how to offer you the best of trainings in voice and presentation. Learn more about her here