Message writing in ceremony

November 2019, London

Message writing in ceremony enhances the service you offer by:

  • Building your confidence in the use of creative ceremonies within ceremonies
  • Giving you tools to work out how a message writing ceremony will work within the time that you have for the service
  • Understanding what options you can offer to your client/family
  • Helping you know how to moderate an idea from the client/family that wont work and find solutions that suit them
  • Offering you tips that make the ceremony flow
  • Learning why some ways of managing message writing are more beneficial to the bereaved than others
  • Giving you a sixth sense for knowing when to facilitate and when to stand back

Discover how to create and manage beautiful message ceremonies

Writing messages to someone who has died can be incredibly powerful for the bereaved, however, as celebrants there are a number of moving parts that we must successfully negotiate to manage the ceremony well. We need to understand the options, what kind of message tags to use, why does the client/family want the messages (who are they for?) and how can we manage the time that the ceremony takes. We will address all these issues and more in our workshop.
You will take away creative ideas and solutions for message writing ceremonies in all kinds of situations that will help you create even more beneficial ceremonies for your clients and families.

Explore, experiment, empower

Once you understand how and why message writing works in ceremony you can create all kinds of message ceremonies that are personal and meaningful to the person who has died and those left behind. Looking back on the ceremony, clients often say that the message writing was the most important part for them – we just set the container and the ceremony works, empowering the bereaved to do what it is that is meaningful to them in a private moment.

Plus flower ceremonies

Flower ceremonies can be paired with message writing or have a place of their own. We will discuss the different kinds of flower ceremonies that we can include for burials, cremations and memorials, to further personalise and give meaning to the ceremonies that you create.

Tutor profile

Emma is an experienced celebrant, presenter and teacher. She is an award-winning influencer in funeral celebrancy working to raise the standards of funeral celebrancy throughout the profession and working to gain recognition for the valuable work that celebrants do in the service of the bereaved. She was the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants’ Manager of CPD for two years, and a founder representative on the Funeral Celebrancy Council. Winner of the National Celebrant Award for ‘Influencing the Wider Profession’ in Funeral Celebrancy, she is also the only non-religious minister to be recognised in the Minister of the Year category at the Good Funeral Awards, as runner-up.

Emma is also a certified Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist, Pastoral Counsellor, Grief Specialist and award-winning Opera Singer, bringing that wealth of experience not only to her clients, but to supporting celebrants through mentoring, supervision and further training. Emma is the founder of Celebrant Support and CeremonyMatters, further trainings for Funeral Celebrants.

Emma has been on stage for more than 30 years as an international opera soloist and actress, and has throughout her career taught one-2-one and presented workshops for adults and children. Learn more about Emma here