Advanced Certificate in Bespoke Funeral Celebrancy

If you would like further or advanced training as a celebrant in a one-2-one environment, following a program which is tailored to your existing skills and personality. This training is bespoke and handmade for you, so whatever stage of celebrancy you are at, we can develop the program for you that will put you amongst the very best. 

Masterclass One-2-One learning with Emma Curtis, game-changing influencer in funeral celebrancy. 

“Emma is one of the most talented people working in the world of funerals. She has a deep understanding of people, of grief and why we need outstanding ceremony in order to heal. I am beyond grateful for the time I spend training with her, and would recommend it to anyone looking to empower themselves and others through this work.”

Laura Greenwood – Advanced Certificate in Bespoke Funeral Celebrancy graduate

Training in a one-2-one environment, following a program which is tailored to your existing skills and personality, enhancing those pre-existing skills – whether you are already a celebrant, or perhaps coming from a background in healthcare or performing arts.

You’ll be mentored and supported all the way through your first ceremonies following your tutorials, using the Ceremony Matters new model of celebrancy. The training follows our advanced funeral celebrancy syllabus and yet is bespoke for you and tailored to your strengths and challenges, at your own pace, fast or slow. An advanced training handmade for you. Whether a total novice or an experienced celebrant, if you would like to be offering truly one-of-a-kind, person-centred meaningful and beneficial funeral services, including memorials and living funerals, then talk to me about the Advanced Certificate in Bespoke Funeral Celebrancy.

Prices are from £1795 to £2975 depending upon your current level of experience. You will receive a minimum of 26 hours of one-2-one tuition and mentoring with award-winning celebrant mentor, Emma Curtis.

A certificate of attendance will be offered upon completion of the course modules. Award of the Certificate of Competency is based upon assessment throughout the program and of mentored funeral ceremonies. 

Learn by Doing

We learn best by having the opportunity to do things ourselves.

All our courses are interactive, a mixture of study and practice. We share all the most recent research in the field and give you the opportunity to explore techniques and tools in a supportive environment that is built for experimentation and learning.

Stay ahead of the curve

With many more celebrants flooding the market each year keeping up with developments is vital

We are the first exclusive providers of CPD trainings for celebrants and people already working in the funeral professions. You already know what you are doing, and you do it well, we are helping you to excel in an ever more competitive environment.

Working towards excellence

We want you to be the best. 

We want you to have a successful business, and to be someone who makes all the difference to the people that you work with, and to feel good about what you do. We are proud to work in the funeral profession and to help you continue to love your work, feel aligned with your purpose and serve your community to the best of your ability.

Emma delivered with sensitivity, passion and fun, keeping everyone fully engaged from start to finish.

The practical exercises that she gave the celebrants to do were stimulating, thought provoking and challenged them to think outside of the box and stretched their creative writing skills to new levels, with those present even saying that they produced levels of writing which they didn’t know they could deliver.

Many celebrants have already fed back that they have taken these new going skills away and applied them to their work in the wider field of celebrancy.

Terri Shanks, Founder, Fellowship of Professional Celebrants


Here are all the answers to your prayers. (Humanists also welcome!)

I know that you may have questions if you are looking to take CPD training with us for the first time. You may find the answers here, otherwise talk to us and we’ll help you to find a course that fits your needs.

Where are the courses held?

We are currently planning courses in London and the Midlands.

Do I need to be a celebrant or minister to take a course?

Our courses are programmed for celebrants and ministers in practice. They may be really useful for anyone working in relevant fields. The skills are transferrable to many other professions, including palliative care, bereavement workers, carers or just people with an interest in learning. If you are not a practicing funeral celebrant but would like to take one of our course, please email us.

How many hours of CPD do I earn?

Ceremony Matters will give you a certificate of attendance for the hours of guided study on the program. Ask your registering organisation, as CPD allowance with vary between training and registration bodies.

Why should I be doing further training?

We have a duty to constantly improve the service that we currently provide to our clients. Also our courses will help you feel more confident and increase your sphere of knowledge and competence.

Do I get a certificate for CPD?

We offer all those who complete a course a certificate of attendance, stating the number of hours studied on that course.

Only the Advanced Certificate in Bespoke Funeral Celebrancy leads to a Certificate of Competence for those who achieve the required standard of professionalism and bespoke service.

Which celebrant organisations will accept this for my CPD requirement?

Humanists UK accept Ceremony Matters CPD for their requirements. Talk to your membership organisation about their CPD requirements. Ceremony Matters will give you a certificate for the hours of continuing professional development training you have completed.