Working with the bereaved

Are you a funeral professional, therapist, carer, hospice volunteer, teacher, counsellor, working with grieving people? Would you like to know more about what recent research tells us about grief and how to work with the bereaved? Would you like to feel more competent in difficult situations?

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“Everyone grieves differently. There are no five stages. We need to understand the signs of grief and mourning, then know when to act and when to sit quietly by.” – Emma Curtis

Our valuable two day training for anyone working with the bereaved offers:

  • Understanding how to create a space for your clients to feel safe talking about their bereavement
  • Learning about contemporary understandings of the ways people grieve
  • Understanding the need to mourn, even in celebrating life
  • Techniques to be able to sit with the bereaved and know what to do and say.
  • Understanding how our own experiences can be both positive and negative when in the presence of the grief of others.
  • Experiencing how to refine your body and spoken language communicate effectively and with empathy.
  • Having the opportunity to practice with colleagues in a supportive environment
You will take away a better understanding of the issues around working with the bereaved and tips and tools to help you offer the best service.

Discover what current research tells us about grief

As an educated and experience professional, or even someone new to working with the bereaved,  you already know how hard it can be to know what to say to anyone who has suffered a loss. Sometimes there is no right thing to say, so what do you do?
Outwardly, you are doing great, but inside you might be concerned that you aren’t doing or saying the right thing.
How can current research help you feel more confident and prepared to work with bereaved people?

Learn practical ways to help the bereaved

In this fabulous two day seminar you will learn about the six needs of mourning and how our being non-judgemental and supportive to grieving can make all the difference to them. Your interaction with a bereaved person or family can be the start of a really healthy journey through grief.

Practice through role playing and experience

Through experiments and exercises you will learn what works and what doesn’t and why. We will offer you you tips and tools that enable you to feel more confident in your professional role. We are all different, and everyone grieves in their own way. We will teach you how to recognise what people need and what you can offer them.

Tutor Profile

Emma is a certified thanatologist having studied Companioning the Bereaved, including working with traumatic grief and complicated mourning, with leading therapist Dr Alan Wolfelt at the Center for Loss and Life Transitions, Colorado. She is also a cognitive behavioural hypnotherapist, specialising in grief and bereavement, enhancing performance, and stress and resilience work. Emma was ordained as a Minister and pastoral counsellor in 2013. She was awarded the National Celebrant Award for Influencing the Wider Funeral Profession for her work with Celebrant Support, which she founded to offer 1-2-1 mentoring and support to celebrants.

We offer you this program in understanding and working with the bereaved.