Non-binary Thinking – Understanding LGBTQIA+ Identity

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10 and 11 October 2020, extended programme through November 2020

Single conference only


Conference One
Non-Binary Thinking – Understanding LGBTQIA+ Indentity
10 and 11 October 2020, programme through November

with Emma Curtis, plus guest speakers – Celebrant and retired Embalmer Angie McLachlan and Funeral Professional and Trans Activist Ash Hayhurst.
“Strength lies in differences, not in similarities”
– Stephen R Covey

1. Non-Binary Thinking
In this first module we will look at and understand binary thinking in our every day lives and use gender roles to explore how 20th century culture has formed our values.

2. Being transgender
Trans activist and funeral arranger Ash Hayhurst will share his experiences as a trans man, talk about the legal status of trans people, and discuss how being more aware of our words helps LGBTQIA+ people feel safer working with us.

3. Disenfranchised Loss & Faith
Angie McLachlan joins us to reflect upon experience of funerals for people who died from HIV/AIDS in the 1980s. How do we facilitate funerals for people with blended faiths, religions of their own and/or conflicted family relationships and why are person-centred funerals are worth creating?

4. Creating meaningful funerals for LGBTQIA+ people
People’s values are formed by lived experience. How might the funeral of a member of the LBGTQIA+ community differ from the norm (or not)? How do we navigate a world of new pronouns, terms and meaning?

Learning Objectives:

Becoming aware of a non-binary perspective on life, and death
Being mindful of confidentiality while supporting LGBTQIA people
Understanding how we can use neutral language to be inclusive of everyone
Exploring why it is important to respect someone’s confidentiality after they die
Learning how the Gender Recognition Act informs the way we work as funeral professionals
Gain insight into how we can support trans and gender diverse people
Find out how to navigate delicate conversations

Having opportunities to ask questions in a judgement-free space
Finding our confidence as professionals and managing the fear of “putting our foot in it”

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