Funeral celebrants & COVID-19: You are not letting anybody down by working from home!

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Dear Funeral Celebrants,

I’ve spoken to many of you over the last few days, both privately and in the Funeral Celebrants Support Network, and we need to get very clear about something – you are not ‘letting anyone down’ by following guidelines to reduce the risk of exposure to coronavirus and flatten the curve. You are not ‘letting families down’. You are supporting them by doing all that you can to arrange a funeral remotely and by exercising social distancing on the day.

Take a few minutes to read this article if you don’t really get what ‘flatten the curve’ really means. It applies here in the UK as much as anywhere else.

People, listen to me…

It takes up to 14 days for this virus to show symptoms and in that time it is apparently at its most infectious.

If you go to a family meeting today – because it’s “not really a problem in your area yet” – and on Monday or Tuesday next week you hear from the family that one of their family members is showing symptoms, not only should you (and anyone you live with) be in self-isolation for 14 days – not even going to the pharmacy or shopping – you are now possibly a carrier. Everyone you have seen since that original family meeting may have now been exposed to the virus by you! 

Risking unnecessary exposure is NOT taking care of your clients, yourself, your nearest and dearest, it is putting them in harm’s way.

This is why we must practice social distancing of approximately 2 meters, refuse hand-shaking and hugging, and conduct all pre-funeral meetings remotely. This is for everyone’s safety.

  • Set up your computer so that the backdrop looks neat and professional
  • download zoom or google meet or skype and get comfortable using it
  • be clean and well-presented and do your client/family meetings that way.

I’ve been doing this for years with clients who live too far away to drive to, or when I’ve been traveling and planning a funeral for when I’m back in the UK. It works really well. 

To take care of your clients and their families, you must stop worrying about ‘letting anyone down’ and follow all recommendations to flatten the curve. Support the NHS by not adding to the strain on its already compromised abilities, and protect the whole community.

Thank you. Stay safe.


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