Angie McLachlan

Angie McLachlan (they/them) was catapulted suddenly into the funeral business. Having French Polished their mum’s coffin, they didn’t leave the undertakers; staying on, initially to run the coffin workshop. While working as transport manager and funeral operative they trained as an embalmer. In the early 90s Angie pioneered embalming treatment and care for those who had died from ‘AIDS Related Conditions’. This very personal choice was against professional and government guidelines in the U.K. Angie looked after many of their friends. Angie is an experienced celebrant, known for creating beautiful personalised ceremonies for people of diverse pathways.

Angie holds BA Hons Death Loss and Palliative Care; MA (Distinction) Religion, the Rhetoric and Rituals of Death; and teaches Care of the Body with Ichabod their hand-made Death Dummy.

Photo: The University of Winchester