Sunday only ‘Focused On Funerals’ Inclusivity & Diversity Conference 11 October 2020


Inclusivity & Diversity Day 2: Alcoholism and Addiction, Approaches to Disability, Mental Health Issues and working with Suicide Survivors, Creative Ceremony Writing in Difficult Circumstances.
9am – 4.30pm
You are welcome to join us for one day only of this two day conference. However, PLEASE NOTE that content and principals from Day 1 will be carried through into Day 2. While there will be some review of material from Day 1 on Sunday as we go forward, we will not be revising the lessons of the previous day.

Conference Sunday:
Inclusivity & Diversity Day 2: Alcoholism and Addiction, Approaches to Disability, Mental Health Issues and working with Suicide Survivors, Creative Ceremony Writing in Difficult Circumstances.

"We become not a melting pot but a beautiful mosaic. Different people, different beliefs, different yearnings, different hopes, different dreams."

- Jimmy Carter

On day 2 of our conference we bring the learning and discussions from day 1 into how we approach serving clients and families affected by other issues that have often been stigmatised in our culture: alcoholism and addiction, disability, mental heath issues, neurobiological differences and suicide.

Nick Laurie and David Miles, both funeral celebrants for many years, will be presenting their areas of expertise which have informed their celebrancy practices. Nick is a Somerset based celebrant, specialist in working with families affected by addiction. David, a winner of The Good Funeral Award for Celebrant of the Year, will talk about Approaches to Disability. There will be a panel to discuss working with families affected by disability and mental health issues, and how we approach ceremony writing in exceptional circumstances.

Emma Curtis has become well respected for her really popular creative writing workshops. In the afternoon she will lead a session in creative ceremony writing bringing together the many threads of the weekends program and focused on how we write to create ceremonies that are as helpful as possible in difficult circumstances. Be prepared to write, bring your laptop if you wish, dare to get off script and write something totally unique and person-centred.

This is the best time to try something special with no 'real' client to answer to and a fantastic creative environment. There will be plenty of support for anyone who is abandoning their own script for the first time. No matter how you write your ceremonies now, you'll be inspired to put your client/family right at the centre and create something especially beneficial and beautiful for them.

  • Learn from first hand experience of our expert presenters
  • Consider how being more flexible to the needs of our clients can also benefit us as we work
  • Understand how we can be more aware of the diversity of mourners listening to our service
  • Discover a social approach to disability
  • Learn how to make everyone feel included and no one feel excluded by the ceremony we've prepared
  • Observe how we can find paths between simply good and bad, right and wrong, success and failure as we develop trust with our clients and families,
  • Learn about the unique difficulties facing a funeral celebrant in the preparation of a ceremony for someone who died by suicide
  • A chance to write and try out new ideas by presenting your work to a great crowd of colleagues if you wish

The atmosphere at last years conference was amazing and celebrants found it so useful and supportive. Join us this year to discover what it's like to be part of a face-to-face community of celebrants who are all dedicated to a person-centred approach to creating funerals. It’s going to be a packed day and you’ll leave with new tools and ideas you are excited to try.

We are so excited to be able to offer you this weekend conference that we have an Amazing Early Bird Sale for early booking, offering a great 20% discount.

A downloadable CPD certificate will be available after the conference

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